How do you save the universe when the danger exists throughout all of time?

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Spiral Down

A Love That Transcends Time...
Miranda was at the top of her game; Her wealth and her power were all she felt she needed. To her, love was trivial, a limitation on her extravagant lifestyle. She had no need for it until Richard, a kind heart from a time that was not her own, came and saved her from tragedy. In the blink of an eye, all she perceived to be reality shifted drastically. Time travel and telekinesis were possibilities, but the saving of her life came at a terrible cost to the lives of others. Pursued throughout time and space by a chaotic serial killer, she and Richard must right their damages to the flow of time... Lest it be the end of all humanity.

Spiral Tales

A Short Collection of Short Stories... and One Slightly Longer Short Story
Herein lies the tales which occurred before the epic love song that was Miranda and Richard in the novel Spiral Down.

Spiral Out

Love does not need a reason. It simply is. It knows no race, no gender, no creed, and no place in time.
But neither does Evil.